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Legacy Trials sample Miscellaneous Song
[Radio Play] "Rocks" Dramatic Reading Storytelling Podcast
flashmakeit lines Spoken Word Voice
[Ran] New "girl" in the studio Comedy Voice
[Ran] I am a scribe... Drama Voice
[Gen] Voice Reel 1 Voice Demo Voice
[LCC Excerpt] It's Weird Miscellaneous Voice

2013 Submissions

[LCC] Voice Reel 1 Miscellaneous Voice
POM TV Help Guide Spoken Word Voice
Kyouject Voice Demo Voice
[Shun] Ambient Song
Surorise - Conflagration Suite Video Game Loop
[Those Taken] Ambient Song
[IK~P] Konurai battle 1 Video Game Loop
[IK] DoaE -WIP- Ambient Song
Cupido Por Vita resampled Classical Song
[IK~W]Surorise - Walking Devil Ambient Loop
[]Minor test 2 Video Game Song
[IK~W]Surorise- Shattered Vein Video Game Loop
[Fallen On Mist] Ambient Song
[Fruity Loop] Trance Loop
[IK] Kitame - Red Rain Video Game Loop
[IK] Izuma: Flame of the North Video Game Loop
[Conclusive Trials] Video Game Song
[]Minor test Video Game Song
[The Farthen] Video Game Loop
[High on Dr. Pepper] Voice Demo Song
[Amethyst Tears] finalized Video Game Song
[Adventurous Trials] Classic Rock Song
[Serious Trials] Trance Song